Monday, March 28, 2011

Contracting Scams Perfectly Legal in Oregon and Other States.

If you live in the United State of America, you will notice that the only issue that concerns the government is foreign terrorism, and that about it. For whatever reason, the government can not be bothered protecting its citizens against regional criminal activity, but by protecting us from 'Islam'. Gee, America, thanks. I can really NOT appreciate that. Whenever you're ready to stop pointing your fingers and accusing people of color for everything that's wrong in the world, I'm totally on board.

Anyway, I didn't start this particular blog to diss America. I in fact started it to share my experiences as a single female being preyed upon by deceptive criminal so called contractors. These disgusting crooks do not necessarily discriminate by gender or race, but I'm sure they base the degree of their schemes upon these features.

From experience, I can easily assure you that the act of fraudulent scamming of honest people is 100% legal in the State of Oregon. I challenge you, as a victim, to seek assistance for the Police, Attorney General or the Construction Contractors Board for protection against an unlicensed 'contractor'. Each of their highly compensated officers will tell you that their hands are tied. So criminals, welcome to Oregon. You'll make a killing here.

Hans Dankers of HD Woodworking, stole over $1000.00 of my personal property, neglected to complete a contracted job months after the end date, refused to pay fines to the State of Oregon for working as a contractor without a license since 1993, and indicating that he more or less had no plans to pay in excess of $11,000 in damages ordered by a Multnomah County Judge, in Oregon. Who cares, all are turning a blind eye to this disgusting treachery.